RFID Introduction

RFID technology:

    It is a contactless automatic recognition technolog,Using the space coupling transmission characteristic of RF signal to achieve automatic recognition of objects.

    Basic components:3 parts:tag,reader and software.Middleware is an important component of software,The main task is to flter,summarize,calculate and group data from reader to reduce raw data and generate event data with semantic interpretation added.It can also be called the central nervous system.

    Basic technical principles:The basic workflow:The reader sends a certain frequency of RF signal,than induced current generated when RF card enters the working area of transmitting antenna and RF card activated,RF card sends information through the built-in antenna,the system receives the carrier signal sent from the RF card then transmitted to reader via antenna regulator,the reader demodulates and decodes the signal and sends it to the main system for relevant processing,the main system judges the validity of the card according to the logical operation,and make corresponding treatment and control for different settings.