RFID Frequency

    Generally, the frequency sent by RFID reader is called the working frequency or carrier frequency of RFID system.RFID carrier frequency basically has three ranges:LF(30kHz~300kHz),HF(3MHz~30MHz)and UHF(300MHz~3GHz).Common operating frequencies are LF 125kHz and 134.2khz,HF 13.56MHz,UHF 433MHz,860MHz-930MHz,microwave 2.45GHz,etc。 
    According to EPC global,the carrier frequency used for EPC is 13.56MHz and 860MHz-930MHz,The standard prototype of 13.56MHz frequency is ISO / IEC15693, which has been included in ISO / iec18000-3.The application of this frequency point is very mature. And the UID is in the microwave band.
    However,the application of 860-930mhz frequency band is more complicated, and the frequency adopted by various countries in the world is different:U.S.A 915MHz,Europe 869MHz,