Contactless Card Advantage

    There is no mechanical contact between the contactless card and the reader,which avoids all kinds of faults caused by the contact reading and writing.Such as:rough card insertion and fault caused by poor contact caused by dust or oil pollution.In addition, there is no exposed chip on the surface of contactless card,so there is no need to worry about chip falling off,electrostatic breakdown,bending damage and other problems,it is easy to print and also high reliability,

easy operation

Due to contactless communication, the reader can operate the card within 10cm, so it is very convenient for users to use without inserting and dialing the card.


The contactless card has a fast anti conflict mechanism, which can prevent data interference between the cards. Therefore, the reader writer can process multiple contactless IC cards at the same time.


The serial number of the contactless card is unique. The manufacturer has solidified the serial number before the product leaves the factory, and it can't be changed.There are two way verification mechanism between contactless card and reader.

The contactless card shall be mutually authenticated with the reader three times before processing,and all data is encrypted in the process of communication,

The memory structure of contact card makes it multi-purpose and can be used in different systems.

encryption performance

The contactless IC card consists of chip and antenna,and is completely sealed in a standard PVC card without exposed parts.The reading and writing process of contactless IC card is usually completed by radio wave between contactless card and reader.