IC International Standards

    IC chip is the core of smart card technology. Its performance and cost play an important role in the promotion and use of smart card technology,In order to improve the standardization and universality of smart cards, the international organization for standardization has made detailed regulations on the interface and communication protocol of smart cards.

International standard of contact card:
1.The physical characteristics meet the physical characteristics of all kinds of identification cards specified in ISO7816 and the full size requirements of financial transaction cards specified in ISO7813.
2.The contact size and position shall conform to the international standard ISO7816-2.
3.Power supply and information exchange between IC card and interface equipment shall conform to ISO / IEC7816-3.
4.The order for inter industry exchange has corresponding international standard ISO / IEC7816-4.

5.The numbering system and registration process of application identifier shall conform to the international standard ISO / IEC7816-5:The international standards of contacless card are: ISO / IEC10536, ISO / IEC14443, ISO / IEC15693, etc.