IC Application

   In the world, the successful regions of IC card promotion are Europe, especially France's IC financial card, IC telephone card and Germany's health card,Telephone card is widely used in finance, transportation, medical treatment, education, entertainment, business management and other fields, and it grows by 40% every year.

The main application of IC card in China is:
communication:mobile communication and public telephone.
health and family planning management:the Ministry of health plans to issue medical IC card, which is mainly used to record or query medical information,etc,
transportation:it is mainly used for driver management,highway toll collection, bus or subway automatic ticket sales,etc.
social insurance:mainly used for medical insurance, unemployment insurance,endowment insurance, children's immunization,etc.
internal management of enterprises:the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued IC card for supervision of industrial and commercial enterprises.
tax card:many provinces and cities have begun to use IC cards for tax collection, management and inspection.
refueling card:oil companies are organizing the establishment of IC fuel charging system.
utility charge card:electricity meter, gas meter and water meter with IC cards have been used in many cities.
other cards:membership card, discount card, shopping card,etc,