Performance Comparison

As IC card adopts the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology and information security technology,IC card has the four characteristics compared with other cards:
including RAM,ROM,EEPROM and other memories.text, sound, graphics, images and other information can be stored. 
using hardware and software implement security strategies,it can control the access characteristics of different areas.the memory card itself has a security password.
network requirements
the security and reliability of IC card reduces the requirements for real-time and sensitivity of computer network in application.
small,light,anti-interference ability,easy to carry and use.
comparison between IC card and magnetic card:
■ the security of IC card is much higher than magnetic card and the information in IC card cannot be copied after encryption,security password checking error has self destruct function.
■ the IC card has large storage capacity and contains microprocessor.
■ IC card is antimagnetic and antistatic, with strong anti-interference ability and higher reliability than magnetic card.

■ the reader of IC card is simpler and more reliable than magnetic card reader, with low cost, easy promotion and maintenance.

comparison between IC card and other cards


convex card

magnetic cardgeneral memory cardlogical encryption memory cardCPU card
readinfiniteinfiniteinfiniteinfinite encryption logicpassword protection
writenoinfiniteinfiniteinfinite encryption logicpassword protection
PIN checknononoyesyes
PIN variablenononoyesyes