What is IC Card

    IC card(Intergrated Circuit Card)also named smart card,microcircuit card or microchip card.It is to embed a microelectronic chip into a card base conforming to ISO 7816 standard and make it into a card form.The communication between IC card and reader can be contact or contactless.So according to the communication interface,the IC card is divided into contact card,contactless card and dual interface card.

    IC card is widely used in identity authentication,bank,telecommunication,public transportation, parking management,etc.because of its inherent advantages of information security,portability and relatively perfect standardization.Such as ID card,SIM card,bus card,bank card,door card,etc.,it has become indispensable daily necessities.
    IC card is an information carrier after magnetic card and different from magnetic card,IC card communicates with reader and writer supporting IC card through RF technology,and the information in the IC card is stored through the integrated circuit.Of course,the cost is relatively high and the confidentiality is bette.With the improvement of time and technology,the cost of IC card is also very low,and the magnetic stripe has faded out of our life.