RFID Prospects

At home and abroad, electronic labels have been widely used in many fields, such as logistics, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft and so on.
1 anti-counterfeiting field:
   China's anti-counterfeiting technology adopts the means of visual anti-counterfeiting and code anti-counterfeiting,but the annual output value of counterfeit products in the circulation field is still as high as 130 billion yuan on average,RFID label is the best choice for anti-counterfeiting because of its convenience and impossibility of counterfeiting.
   RFID label with intelligent reading,writing and encrypted communication capability used by Shanghai Institute of standardization,Through PKI technology, the barcode and related information of commodities are transformed into "fingerprint numbers" which are different for each commodity and printed on the surface of commodities.The manufacturer encrypts the digital signature into the electronic label on the goods.The authenticity of the commodity can be determined by comparing whether the fingerprint digital plaintext printed on the commodity is consistent.
The above-mentioned anti-counterfeiting technology of label for digital signature has passed the identification of relevant national departments.

2 logistics field:
■ automatic production line
   RFID label can realize automatic control and monitoring on production line,improve productivity and production mode,and greatly reduce cost.For example, BMW in Germany uses electronic labels on assembly lines to produce customized cars.
■ warehouse management
   The application of RFID label in the goods management of intelligent warehouse solves the goods information management effectively.the management center can know the location and storage of goods in real time,It can realize automatic warehouse management.
■ railway transportation monitoring
   The advantage of using the RFID label system in the train operation is that the train runs according to the established route, so readers can be placed along the route to monitor the train operation.By reading the data to prevent the collision accident of the car missed on the track.At the same time, the train can be reorganized in the station.The barcode on the side of the car was read by the ultrasonic and radar ranging system at first,but now it has been gradually replaced by the RFID label system.
■ baggage tracking management
   If RFID tag recognition is used for automatic distribution, the comprehensive cost can be reduced, the efficiency can be improved, the error rate can be reduced, and the goods tracking management can also be carried out.
■ access security

3 financial field:
■ highway automatic toll collection
   Expressway development is very fast in China,and it plays an increasingly important role in regional economic development.However,the current manual toll collection system often causes the vehicle toll gate to be blocked.This problem can be solved effectively by using RFID label in highway automatic toll collection.
■ financial RF card
   It is an inevitable development direction to realize paperless transaction in financial charging industry, and RF card is used in this field.Financial RF card can be used in harsh environment,and it is more convenient to use.Because the storage unit on the electronic label can be partitioned, one electronic label can be charged in different systems.Such as Shanghai public transport card  can be used in subway, light rail, taxi, ferry and bus.

4 other fields:
■ car security
   Today's RFID tags can be easily used in car anti-theft.When the key is inserted into the igniter,the car's reader can identify the key.If the reader does not receive a specific signal from the electronic tag, the central computer will shut down the car engine.This kinds of RFID labels have been used in most modern models to prevent theft.
■ animal husbandry
   By implanting electronic labels on cattle, sheep and other livestock,we can prevent the bad biological products from entering the market,and also can automatically store the real-time information of livestock into the computer,which can easily know the growth and health of individual livestock.It can also implant RFID tags into pets,which can easily identify undocumented pets,lost pets claim,etc.

   These are some of the applications of electronic labels.In fact,they are far more than these examples.