Attendance Access Control System

2019-12-23 10:23:39


    Attendance and access control is a key element of personnel management and play a more and more important role in modern enterprise management.
    Attendance access control system include attendance data,data statistics and information inquiry,timely acquire the dynamic information on working,especially forinstitutional organizations and enterprises.
    Using distributed systems architecture and makes use of advanced algorithm to meet the users demand for a variety of personalized needs,

■  large-scale database;
■  flexible setting,support a variety of complicated attendance programs;
■  equipment is stable and reliable,cross-internet transmission.

    For various people there are various attendance access control system solution,the powerful function of software system  with convenient operation and concise interface.

■  The system can follow the areas,time and other conditions to open door permission;
■  set the level of permissions for a user;
■  validate their authorization accurately,record the personal identity ,card number,and time information;
■  provide an alarm if system sense illegal privilege,record the personal identity ,card number,and time information
■  administrator can access and query information at any time.