RFID Promotes Internet of Vehicles

2020-01-17 13:51:59

The Internet of vehicles is an extension of the Internet of things,using RFID radio frequency technology to manage vehicles,With pedestrians,cars,roads and cities as carriers,to exchange information with vehicles so as to realize the integrated network construction of intelligent,dynamic and information-based traffic management.At the same time, supervise the running state of vehicles on the road and provide corresponding services. RFID technology makes the Internet of vehicles run more smoothly.

RFID technology + Internet of vehicles + Internet of things to provide a safer driving mode.The Internet of vehicles can select the best driving route according to the traffic, vehicle, road condition and other information provided by the network, which improves the capacity and efficiency of the road.One of the core technologies in the Internet of vehicles is to automatically identify vehicles, roads, buildings and other objects and obtain relevant data by using RFID sensor technology, and then through short-distance wireless data transmission and information fusion, integrate the information to extract information related to traffic jams and traffic safety.Compared with other transmission technologies,active RFID has many obvious advantages,such as good security,waterproof and antimagnetic,long service life, small and light,large data storage,etc.

There are many kinds of applications in the Internet of vehicles.The development of many kinds of applications makes the development speed and difficulty of the Internet of vehicles multiply.The emergence of RFID middleware provides a turning point for this situation.Through the development of middleware,each middleware is developed according to the standards of the Internet of vehicles will accelerate the development of the entire Internet of vehicles application services greatly.

The application of cloud computing in the Internet of vehicles can not only improve the efficiency of business processing, but also provide more accurate services for industry users.Combined with the real-time data and powerful computing power of the platform, it provides more powerful support as a service.