Over 100 Million ETC Users in China

2020-01-02 13:29:37

The Ministry of transport has announced information that over 100 million ETC users in China on its website,its also mean the daily average circulation over 580 thousand.

The meaning behind the numbers(100 million,580 thousand) was many banks' pay and efforts.It is believed that many car owners have met with etc promotion activities from bank,and many car owners also responsed to this activities.

Lay the foundation for Expressway reform

Take Zhejiang Province as an example,Provincial boundary ETC toll gantry has accomplished.The reform of charges in Zhejiang Province has made more progress.

Relevant national departments issued reform notice that cancellation of provincial toll stations of national expressways to achieve Non-parking Charge.According to this environment all sides strive to cancel National Highway provincial toll stations by the end of 2019 basically.

Despite the difficulty of the task,everyone works hard in order to lay a solid foundation for Expressway reform.