ID Card as The Carrier One Card System

2020-01-17 13:51:46

    Through the continuous issuance of smart cards in the industry, smart cards have replaced many cards.

    As the most basic document of residents, the function of ID card is relatively simple.During the previous two sessions,the NPC representatives proposed that the driver's license and ID card are the same number that the driver's license should be cancelled.Through information,big data application and biotechnology,the driver's qualification should be bound with ID card.From the current technical means, the traffic police can check the driver's driving license information through the ID card in the future to deal with traffic violations.

    In fact, this management mode can be extended to education, social security, medical treatment, marriage and other fields.Specifically, we can build a "one card" system by relying on the national population information management system, adding chips of bank cards, and integrating basic identification information such as fingerprints and DNA, and information such as family members, marriage, education, social security, and tax payment.

    The "one card" ID card which integrates various information is read by a special card reader. At the same time, the corresponding department can only query the information related to the industry. For example, traffic police can only query driver's license and vehicle information, not marriage, education and other information, while marriage registration department has no right to query irrelevant information such as driver's license.