260 Cities in China Will Achieve Interoperability in 2019

2019-12-31 15:19:54

    The Ministry of transport held a press conference to express that 260 cities in China will achieve interoperability in 2019.

    The Ministry of transport will launch six transport services this year,as follows:increase 5000 village traffic projects(poorer areas>3000),construction of 100 "drivers' homes",handling the national annual review of freight cars online,provincial coverage of automobile maintenance electronic archive system,transit metropolis creation activities,260 cities in China achieve interoperability.So far they have been basically realized.

    The purpose of 260 cities interoperability in China is to develop mobile payment applications.Passengers who use transportation card with "traffic Union"sign can achieve metro and public transport across regions service.

    Take Beijing as an example,Beijing's public transport system temporarily supports 50 cities in China.