Application In Electronic Health Card

2020-01-17 13:53:11

what is electronic health card?

    Electronic health card is a national general medical card for residents which is health department according to ID card and other legal documents to established the universal card.the purpose of this project is to improve and develop "one card only serve one hospital" problem,allows residents access to medical services from one hospital to another continuously.Residents can apply for this card from the service window of the hospital,medical self-service machine and public health services website in any time.
  In 2012,the former ministry of health launched the project of resident health card.In 2017,in order to respond the "Internet + health care"trends and meet the new demand that r
esidents get the medical service from intelligent terminal,and also National Ministry of Health launched the pilot of electronic health card application.

popularization meanings
  Residents can connect family doctor services,make an appointment,setup electronic health records and other medical services through this electronic health card.Electronic health card can support the QR code standard of financial industry by multi application technology of QR code to help residents complete one-stop medical service.Popularization of electronic health card has five significance:
  (1)solve“one card only serve one hospital”and real-name system in medical services

  Electronic health card use national secret algorithm to build the identity authentication architecture.And also realize "one-card-pass" real-name system in inter-agency and cross-regional health service to help local medical institutions solve repeat card issuing and one card only serve one hospital”problem through the combination of intelligent terminal and mobile Internet application.
  (2)promote "internet + health care" convenience services
  Residents can use electronic health card access health care in any medical institution to achieve "one-card-pass" services.Electronic health card can open the service channel of the medical treatment, medical insurance and bank to promote payment service more convenient.
  (3)Good for medical big data aggregation and sharing
  Electronic health card can bring together residents health recoders through identified by cross-domain index to promote data resource integration of all departments.
  (4)get rid of other medical service card
  Electronic health card is unified identity authentication system for residents' health.Also compatible use of ID card and social security card,And overcome the problem of"different medical service card in one card".
  (5)catalyze health care reform
  It is a n
ew form of online application to complete the transformation from single offline service to online multi application service.Building a variety of convenient medical services for different people and services.