Guangdong, HK& Macro Payment Project

2019-12-31 15:20:11

       Guangdong, HK& Macro bridge was inaugurated on October 23.It flows for 55 kilometers through the Zhujiang estuary also connected with lantau island,Macau Peninsula and Zhuhai as a national"century projects".
  Establishment of the Guangdong, HK& Macro bridge increased many cross-border passengers and created a large number of consumer services.This project also included quick payment and cross-border business needs.
  Comparing with other mobile payment projects in Guangdong Province,Guangdong, HK& Macro bridge mobile payment scenario was more rich and support multiple currencies.Relevant departments thoroughly studied to tailored "Union mobile payment application platform", included "vehicle payment,emergency rescue service,bus automatic fare collection,commercial market,government payment,etc."Support all kinds of domestic UnionPay cards and overseas bank card.
  All passages have been now installed UnionPay mobile payment equipments in Guangdong, HK& Macro bridge toll gate.Drivers only need to use bank card or mobile phone to pay tolls.
  According to statistics,3.262 billion mobile payment transactions and 15.98 trillion RMB occurred in Guangdong Province from January to August 2018,year on year growth of 11.52% and 50.54% .respectively.