Non-Mainstream Smart Card Application Market

2020-01-19 10:21:37

       With the joint efforts of all parties in smart card industry, the application of smart card industry in China has made remarkable achievements."Innovation, win-win" will be an eternal topic.And remember China's smart card industry, and believe that every enterprise in the smart card industry chain can find new partners and win more market opportunities.
    However, smart cards can also have some "non mainstream" applications, such as internal management of enterprises and institutions. It is understood that many enterprises, institutions, organs, hotels, entertainment places, tourist attractions, residential areas and schools are starting to accelerate the adoption of smart cards as a tool to improve management efficiency.
  Here's the big demand for "non mainstream" campus
    Campus safety and discipline management is a topic of great concern to every teacher,student,parent and the whole society,Especially in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, parents and teachers are worried about their children's personal safety and mental health because of their young age and poor independence in life.The education and infrastructure level of the school is an important part of the whole society,which is related to the happiness and stability of thousands of families, as well as the future of the nation and the world.Strengthening the safety management of campus is the top priority.
  The application of RFID smart card can get the information of students in time and effectively, improve the management efficiency of the campus, save manpower and material resources, and improve the management image of the campus.
  The remote contactless RFID system based on 2.4G has realized the automatic collection of card information by RFID reader without the need for students to swipe their cards manually. tourism
    With the development of world economy and the improvement of people's living standard, tourism has become one of the main choices of people's leisure and vacation.Tourism has become the most potential industry in the world.The development of tourism industry has brought great opportunities to tourist attractions, but also greater challenges,Including:eliminate the huge economic loss caused by a large number of forged tickets, improve the entrance ticket checking rate, monitor the flow density of tourists in each scenic spot in real time, and sales statistics.
  The answer is to give you a set of practical scenic spot one card system, a smart card to solve all problems.
  Passive RFID does not need power supply.It obtains energy from the electromagnetic wave emitted by the antenna of the reader,and then sends the data and ID number to the reader,In addition, the card can encrypt and write all kinds of users' information to protect privacy.Simple package and can be made into ordinary tickets, induction cards, and can be recycled repeatedly. hotel
    In recent years,with the development of the national economy and the city,the high-level clubs (as well as some high-level hotels,clubs,amusement parks and other places) have gradually emerged in some metropolises,These clubs are dedicated to the reception of dignitaries, and try to be fast and comfortable when entering and leaving the gate and providing services.At the same time,they need privacy and safe consumption space, so reliable access control system is essential.
  The smart service management system based on RFID smart card technology provides fast, comfortable and safe smart services for the VIP in the senior club.
  Under such a smart system, the guest has a VIP card, which includes his personal VIP level, custom needs, personalized services, etc. For example, a special cabinet is provided for the guest's valuables. The waiter knows his consumption demand in advance through PDA and transmits it to the backstage in time. Of course, it may also include various functions such as electronic wallet, personnel positioning, parking space guidance, etc.