IC Card Buried Garbage Collection Point

2020-01-20 13:47:51

 There are four aadvantages compared with traditional garbage collection points:
  1. More intelligent:Open the lid of the garbage can by swiping the IC card,and then put the garbage in it.When the garbage is to be cleared and transported,open the lifting control device for operation,and the garbage can hidden underground will rise to the surface,
  2. More environmentally friendly:When the garbage reaches the maximum load, the system will automatically lock the delivery port and stop accepting garbage,And prompt the staff to clear and transport the garbage quickly to avoid the problem of garbage overflow.When rainwater and sewage enter into the underground device,they will also flow into the sewage well nearby through the diversion groove to effectively avoid the problem of water accumulation in the underground device.In addition,the garbage collection point is equipped with an intelligent deodorization system to eliminate the odor and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.
  3. More beautiful:The system is designed according to the standard of urban landscape, more coordinated with the surrounding environment, and becomes a beautiful landscape on the street.
  4. More secure:The system is equipped with intelligent fire-extinguishing device, which can automatically detect the temperature change 24 hours a day. When the garbage in the underground garbage can is on fire, it can start the automatic fire-extinguishing function.
  The process of building such a garbage collection point is very simple, which can be installed in only ten days,Each bin can hold 660 liters of garbage, and five bins can hold 3.3 cubic meters of garbage,It can basically meet the daily needs of office staff and surrounding merchants of the building.