• 380 Million National Financial IC cards Were Issued

           In November 2013, the vice president of the people's Bank of China put forward the requirements for the application expansion of the financial IC card in 2014


  • IC Card Buried Garbage Collection Point

     There are four aadvantages compared with traditional garbage collection points:  1. More intelligent:Open the lid of the garbage can by swiping the IC card,and then put the garbage in it.Wh


  • Non-Mainstream Smart Card Application Market

           With the joint efforts of all parties in smart card industry, the application of smart card industry in China has made remarkable achievements."Innovatio


  • Application In Electronic Health Card

    what is electronic health card?    Electronic health card is a national general medical card for residents which is health department according to ID card and other legal documents


  • RFID Promotes Internet of Vehicles

    The Internet of vehicles is an extension of the Internet of things,using RFID radio frequency technology to manage vehicles,With pedestrians,cars,roads and cities as carriers,to exchange information w


  • ID Card as The Carrier One Card System

        Through the continuous issuance of smart cards in the industry, smart cards have replaced many cards.    As the most basic document of residents, the function of ID card is rel


  • Over 100 Million ETC Users in China

    The Ministry of transport has announced information that over 100 million ETC users in China on its website,its also mean the daily average circulation over 580 thousand.The meaning behind the numbers


  • Guangdong, HK& Macro Payment Project

           Guangdong, HK& Macro bridge was inaugurated on October 23.It flows for 55 kilometers through the Zhujiang estuary also connected with lanta


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