Reverse Surface Mounting Machine

2019-12-24 13:09:07 admin

       With the development of market RFID,Shanghai China Card imported three advanced international RFID product line———TAL10000(2)和TAL15000(1)from Muehlbauer.They mean the best RFID level of production.
equipment description: 
    Its principle is the manipulator pinch chip from wafer by the visual system,after flip 180 degrees bonds conductive adhesive with coil to complete the circuit under heat and pressure.The process includes它 feed,gluing,pre binding,final binding,testing,discharge and slitting. 
■  feed module:a buffer device and a guidance controller ensure the antenna substrate belt correct position.
■  gluing module:template gluing system attach the ACP or NCP to the antenna substrate belt binding position.
■  pre binding modulepinch chip from wafer and flip 180 degrees,move to the binding position and attach on the antenna substrate belt.
■  final binding module:hot-Pressing unit enables the chip and antenna to complete internal connection of electrical performance,for example:curing ACP or NCP adhesive。
■  testing module:reader system to check RFID function. 
■  discharge module:also a winding module,roll up the antenna to discharge shaft and split into single rows to cut. 
1. ensure internal quality:high precision,clear rp static. 
2. comprehensive processing function:suit various substrates ,PET,PP,PVC(50—100um)and paper(50—100gsm).The antenna material can be aluminum etching,copper etching and printing.also can identify multiple wafers and process many kinds of tags. 
3. high production efficiency:maximum producting speed for this machine reached 11,000 pcs/h.

4. ensure the quality on appearance:servo motor,tension control.
5. flexible production process:have various batch quantity with many series size.
6. high qualified:qualified products:>99.7%。
7. process microchips:geometry size chips:0.3X0.3mm。
8. high precision:visual positioning system.wafer binding accuracy no less than±50um,Binding pressure accuracy no less than±5%,inimum±0.1N,control accuracy:within ±5°.