Shanghai International Industry Fair

2020-01-15 09:41:02 admin

       The ticket of Shanghai International Industry Fair with the theme of informatization and industrialization adopts contactless card,FM11RF08 contactless RF card chip has been successfully used in this system,Shanghai China Card as a ticket packaging manufacturer of the card,the product quality was highly praised. 
    It is the first time in China to use the contactless smart card as the ticket for a large-scale exhibition.And It not only fundamentally solves the problem of ticket anti-counterfeiting,but also provides great convenience for audience statistics. 
    As the ticket of the fair,it is not only the certificate to enter the exhibition,but also can be recharged after entering the exhibition and consumed in the catering and leisure places in the exhibition area.After leaving the exhibition,this card has been connected with the public transport card,which can be used in buses,subways,taxis,etc.