Main Cases

2020-01-14 14:50:47 admin

-Railway electronic ticket and inlay project
Shanghai China Card can provide railway electronic tickets and inlay products,which can be used once and effectively prevent the occurrence of fake tickets.For example,Shanghai China Card provided RFID electronic ticket inlay project for Guangzhou Shenzhen railway in 2008.

-Olympic commemorative tickets collection commemorative book inlay project
Shanghai China Card provides RFID inlay for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games tickets collection.

-International exposition project
With the acceleration of international exchange, it has become a reality to apply RFID technology to ticket system in international expositions,Shanghai Chia Card has undertaken the inlay project of electronic tickets for international famous expositions.

-Anti-counterfeiting project
RFID labels are more and more widely used in anti-counterfeiting  of consumer goods.In 2009,Shanghai China Card became the designated RFID label manufacturer of a famous small home appliance manufacturer in China.

-Paper electronic travel ticket project
The e-Travel ticket card provided by Shanghai China Card has good texture,good elasticity,good hardness,not easy to bend, good chip protection and long service life.Shanghai China Card became the designated manufacturer of tickets for some famous scenic spots in China.

-Clothing label project
RFID clothing label is used in textile and clothing industry, which plays an important role in the sales, inventory, rapid positioning and rapid processing.Shanghai China Card has undertaken many clothing label projects.

-Tickets for Shanghai World Expo
Shanghai China Card have undertaken the ticket project for the world-renowned Shanghai World Expo during 2010.And deliver to ticketing department as standard, efficient and timely ,in order to ensures the orderly and standardized visitors during the Expo.