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2020-01-13 17:27:32 admin

       Dongfeng Yueda Kia Automobile Co., Ltd. one card system is distributed in factory one, factory two and Shanghai Sales Department,Three places realize one card universal and real-time summary of attendance,consumption and other data.One card system includes:①attendance system:the terminal uses LCD to display name, time and sound prompt for successful card swiping.②access control system:All adopt one-way induction to realize standardized management of personnel access.③selling system:this system mainly includes front consumption and back management.④patrol system:realize standardized management, record and examination of security patrol work.⑤vehicle management system:control vehicle access through identity recognition, query vehicle access information and other functions.⑥web query system:employees can query personal attendance,consumption and other information in real time.

   Take factory one for example: It mainly includes five systems: attendance system,access control system,selling system,patrol system and web query system.

Attendance system has 7 attendance points;picture shows the main gate attendance point.1521014144518920.jpg





Patrol system has 37 patrol points:picture shows the security patrol point.网站关键词





Selling system has 10 terminals:picture shows the restaurant on the second floor.  1521014571424852.jpg






Access control system has 11 access points:picture shows the access control of office building.